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AidCom Holding AS

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AidCom Holding AS
Beddingen 14
7014 Trondheim

Tel: +442033222035

Company no. 993258520


AidCom Holding
UOA Bangsar
Tower A, level 23-13
No. 5 Jalan Bangsar Utama 1
59000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +442033222035

Company no. 920540-x

Case Studies

Changing the way insurance companies
handle their customers

- We are probably the only insurance company that knows which country our policyholders are located at all times, states Arnt Morten Skei, Claims Manager at Copenhagen-based Tryg Insurance.

The Nordic insurance giant has taken to new mobile technology in order to build customer loyalty and stand out from competition.

A successful technology partnership

Insurance is a traditional industry, where little has changed over the past decades. We began to realize that our travel products were more or less identical to those of our competitors, says Arnt Morten Skei, Claims Manager at Copenhagen-based Tryg Insurance.

Tryg found the solution further north, in Trondheim, Norway, where tech start-up AidCom were setting up their 24-hour early warning operations.

Taking care of policyholders around the globe at the Tryg call center

The shift towards
proactive customer care

Our customers are becoming more demanding. We used to be a company that just paid out claims. Now, we must be able to advise on safety and security, we need to make quick decisions, and give clear answers.

With access to the same real-time information as our travellers have, we can do just that, and we can reach them with important information before they start calling us.

Providing peace of mind

AidCom’s 24/7 TravelAlert service, launched in early 2008, is now available free of charge to all Tryg customers.
All of our policyholders that are travelling outside their home country, can now get mobile alerts and updates in near-real-time if something unexpected occurs at their destination, such as extreme weather or political unrest, explains Mr. Skei.

In addition to the news that goes out from AidCom, the system enables us to send out our own advice to the affected travellers.

Our intent is not to make people feel anxious about travelling, rather the contrary, we want them to go with peace of mind, knowing that they will be notified should anything happen.

Like one of our customers who were in Cairo during the riots in early 2011, he told us that this service actually enabled him to

move about town, as he was no longer confined to the hotel room watching CNN.

When the streets of Cairo started to heat up, the news updates provided peace of mind, not just to the travelers, but also to the insurance company.

It was at the peak of the tourist season in Egypt when the riots escalated, and we had many customers on the Red-Sea coast. Those who got the information from AidCom cancelled their day-trips to Cairo.

Initially, we implemented this system as a marketing initiative. However, when you are able to keep your policyholders from entering high-risk areas, there is great potential for reduced claims and evacuation costs.

Contact our sales team for a quote, or more information on what we can do for travel insurance.