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AidCom Holding AS
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AidCom Holding
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TravelMonitor serves as a unified point of contact between HR/HSE managers and traveling employees. Click to see how it works.

Travel security high on the agenda for KPMG

As an employer, you are responsible for the safety and security of your people, be it close to home or on assignments around the globe.

Business travellers are subject to far greater risk than staff in their home environment, partly due to language barriers and lack of local know-how. Therefore, employers should be even more stringent with HSE-requirements for staff on overseas assignment, states Mr. Per Tore Kraby Lock, Director of KPMG Law in Norway.
Looking back, we see that business travellers have been caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to security on the job: Companies have been striving to meet high standards for HSE at home, offshore, and for expatriates on long-term assignments abroad. It is easy to forget that employees on short-term travel also fall under existing requirements for safety in the workplace.

In order to better take care of our own employees around the globe, KPMG has invested in mobile alerts and crisis management systems from AidCom, says Mr Kraby Lock.

It is important for us to put a high priority on the safety of our own travellers. Especially when sending them into high-risk areas such as South-Sudan.

With the mobile alerts, our people abroad get immediate notification, and are able to react quickly to situations that pose a potential threat to their personal security.

We use the alerts for our staff travelling to hardship locations. Those who have been using it for some time, find it very useful.

Contact our sales team for a quote, or more information on what we can do for corporate travel security.