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AidCom Holding AS

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AidCom Holding AS
Beddingen 14
7014 Trondheim

Tel: +442033222035

Company no. 993258520


AidCom Holding
UOA Bangsar
Tower A, level 23-13
No. 5 Jalan Bangsar Utama 1
59000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +442033222035

Company no. 920540-x

Overview and contingency management

TravelMonitor is a crisis management system for organizations with substantial international travel activity.

The system provides a visual overview of the whereabouts of employees at all times. It is also a communication-tool for quick status updates of travellers involved in a disaster or critical situation.
Built on Google maps, with a complete, visual overview of current and past security threats worldwide.
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Traditional security services

AidCom’s solutions will complement traditional security services by providing continuous alerts and updates for all employees, at all destinations. HQ will be notified immediately in the event of a major crisis, and thus be able to implement the emergency response in a timely manner.

Two-way communication

Direct two-way mass communication with employees within a selected geographical area makes contingency management highly efficient in the event of a critical situation with a high number of staff involved.

Save time on routine work

The alert services and contingency management tools will also provide valuable support in handling routine pre-travel preparations and non-emergency situations, such as delays, where business continuity is hampered.