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AidCom Holding AS

For general inquiries:


AidCom Holding AS
Beddingen 14
7014 Trondheim

Tel: +442033222035

Company no. 993258520


AidCom Holding
UOA Bangsar
Tower A, level 23-13
No. 5 Jalan Bangsar Utama 1
59000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +442033222035

Company no. 920540-x

Our Technology

What our systems can do

AidCom’s location-based communication systems enable you to reach your people based on where they are at any given time.

Whether you are a multinational corporation wishing to let your employees know about an upcoming security drill, or you are dealing with people in a country stricken by a natural disaster or political unrest, you can reach all your people in the affected area within seconds - and instruct them on how to respond to any situation.

AidCom delivers time-critical information through voice mail, SMS and e-mail. We also enable two-way communication.

Contact us for more information on location-based communication systems.

Positioning travellers

AidCom provides different options for positioning travellers and staff, and can get data both from mobile positioning, the travellers themselves, or through integration with travel booking systems.
  • Mobile GSM-based

    AidCom’s mobile positioning system enable our clients to automatically locate their people on a country level. This ensures the traveller will be given adequate assistance and information in the event of a crisis, and at the same time, privacy is taken care of.

    The system is fully automatic, and works on both smart-phones and non-smarth-phones.

    AidCom also provides GPS-tracking for travellers going into high-risk areas.

  • Manual registration

    The travellers themselves can indicate their own location and duration of travel.

    AidCom provides smartphone enterprise apps for manual or GPS-enabled registration. Alternatively, users can log on via personalized web portals or through designated
    SMS short-codes.

  • Booking data integration

    For corporate clients using appointed travel management providers, AidCom can integrate with booking systems.